These guidelines are meant to help maintain as safe an environment as possible during training sessions. The first priority is safety of the players and staff. These guidelines may be modified or updated at any time given real time guidance from federal, state, local and school officials. Adherence to guidelines is required by ALL participants in order for this to be as effective as possible.


Parents and players should read this document in its entirety. 






  • Phase 1A: June 29th - 9 Players, 1 Coach - No contact, individual skills
  • Phase 1B: July 6th - 9 Players, 1 Coach - 1v1s, small games (3v3,4v4)
  • Phase 2: July 15th - Increased Player/Coach Ratio - 7v7 & 11v11 competition
  • Phase 3: TBD - No Restrictions


Training Sessions

  • U10/U12 - 1-1.5 hour training, 2x/week
  • U14/U16/U19/College - 1.5 hour training, 2x/week
  • Privates or Small Groups Mornings/Early Afternoons by Request to Alex @ aghockeyclub@gmail.com




I.    Field Logistics

  • Divide field into 3 (or 4 depending on guidelines) clearly marked sections (phase 1)
  • Players will be preassigned to Training Session Times & Training Groups which will practice solely in one of the 3 marked sections. Players will not change groups within a single practice session
  • Players at the beginning of practice will enter from one side of the field only 
  • Players at the end of practice will exit from the opposite side of the field only
  • Parents will drop off from the upper parking lot and pickup from the lower parking lot.


II.   Transition Details

  • Players will have 15 minutes prior to and after practice to transition on and off the fields so there is no crossover of players

Drop off

  • Practice Start Time - Players are not allowed to be on the field more than 15 minutes prior to the start time and must wait until the prior session has cleared out
  • Parents will remain in their cars at dropoff
  • Players at dropoff will proceed down the stairs one way and must be wearing masks
  • Players must maintain a distance of 6 feet unless they are from the same family
  • Players will put their belongings in the designated area next to their assigned field zone. These will be spaced apart to maintain social distance. 
  • Players will self report symptoms (see sample questionnaire below) & have temperatures checked prior to practice each day using a no contact thermometer (infrared) 
  • Players should be dressed to practice before coming to the field and bring only the items they need for practice. Anything left behind may be discarded‚Äč


  • Practice End Times will be strictly followed to ensure enough transition time between sessions
  • Players need to be picked up promptly to ensure smooth traffic flow on the lower access road
  • Parents will need to put a sign or piece of paper in the front windshield with the name of the child that they are picking up


III.   Protective Measures - Equipment

Coach/Club responsibilities

  • Coaches will disinfect equipment in accordance to guidelines
  • Container with disinfecting solution will be at the field to disinfect balls & cones
  • Coaches will have hand sanitizer during sessions

Player responsibilities

  • Players will disinfect all personal equipment at the start of practice at the field, regardless of what time they arrive to practice. Players will not be allowed on the field until this is complete
  • Players will be responsible to bring their own hand sanitizer and masks.
  • Players will be responsible to disinfect their own selves and equipment once they leave the fields
  • Players must bring their own water bottles and bring enough for the entire practice.
  • Players can not share any items (water, equipment, uniforms, pinnies, etc) with other players
  • Players must remove all items from the field including any disposable items (water bottles, empty wrappers, etc.)


IV.   Protective Measures - Social Distance

  • Players can not have physical contact such as shaking hands, high fives, hugs, etc
  • Players will need to minimize going to the bathroom and can do so only one at a time and no more than once per practice unless approved by the coach. Please go to the bathroom prior to coming to practice as much as possible
  • Parents are not allowed on the fields and can spectate only from their cars
  • All communications from parents/players will be thru email or phone


V.    Injuries

  • There will be prepackaged injury ice or ice packs at each area
  • There will be a basic first aid kid at each area
  • Players will be responsible for sanitizing hands prior and after taking any first aid items
  • If the injury requires more attention, coaches and players will wear masks, gloves and any other needed gear and sanitize both before and after any contact
  • Players will be brought to the “Isolation Area”
  • Any used items must be discarded immediately into the proper garbage receptacle


VI.  Coronavirus Specific Issues

  • There will be a designated “Isolation Area” for players who need to be separated from other players and coaches for any reason (symptomatic, injuries, known exposure, etc.)
  • Players and parents are responsible for self reporting symptoms which could indicate coronavirus. This includes the newly discovered symptoms being found in children such as abdominal pain, fever, rash, etc. Please go by the most current CDC guidance on symptoms.
  • Players who have any symptoms will not be allowed to attend practice for 2 weeks after their symptoms have resolved and must obtain a Dr’s clearance/negative Covid test. Players will be asked questions in accordance with proper contact tracing guidelines
  • Players who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus will not be allowed to attend practice and will need to remain out for 2 weeks
  • Players/Parents will need to sign a new waiver regarding Coronavirus liability and having health coverage




In order to participate in any AGH/Excel practice or activity, parents and players will have had to be newly registered and have signed the online Coronavirus Waiver along with their registration. Additionally, all parents and players are required to read the documentation above and follow any guidelines released by the club. Players/parents will be sent a pdf of the guidelines with an acknowledgement page to be signed by both Parent and Player.




AGH Website:        www.aghockeyclub.com


Club Contacts:

Alex Gheorghe    

Clara Ambrose    


Centers for Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov/

CT Coronavirus Information: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus