AGH Trophies


2022 National Club Championship ( top 16 teams qualified ) in VA Beach

Those are the most selected AGH Teams in program

U19 AGH Finished 2nd in the Nation

U16 AGH Finished 2nd in the Nation

U14 AGH Finished 5th in the Nation 


2022 National Indoor Qualifers 

U16 Elite 1 Qualified 1st place Champions of tournament 

U16 Elite 2 Qualified 3rd place overall, Champions on Pool

U16 Red Qualified 7th overall 

U19 Elite 1 Qualified 1st place Champions of tournament 

U19 Elite 2 Qualified 3rd place overall, Champions on Pool


2021 National Club Championship ( top 16 teams qualified ) Virginia Beach

U14  7th In Nation 

U16 2nd in Nation 

U19 6th in Nation 

2021 Regional Club Championship, NH ( top 2 clubs qualified from CT/MA region)

U14 Champions, Undefeated,ranked 1st in New England’s 

U16 Champions, Undefeated, ranked 1st in New England’s 

U19 Pool Champions Undefeated, ranked 2nd In New England's


2021 February, U14 Indoor Nationals, Spooky Nook 

U14 Elite 1 Pool A, 2nd in the Nation 

U14 Elite 2 Pool D, 2nd Place 

U14 Elite 3 Pool V Champions Undefeated


2021 February U16 Indoor Nationals, Spooky Nook

U16 Elite 1 Pool A, 3rd in the Nation

U16 Elite 2 Pool C, 2nd place

U16 Elite 3 Pool D, 5th Place

U16 Black Pool S, 4th Place 


2021 February, U19 Indoor Nationals, Richmond VA

U19 Elite 1 Pool A, 6th Place 

U19 Elite 2 Pool I, 3rd Place

U19 Elite 3 Pool S, 2nd Place 



2020 February 21-23 Richmind VA, U19 Nationals

U19 Elite 2, Pool P Champions, Undefeated

U19 Elite 1, Pool C, 4th Place

U16 Elite 1, Pool M, 4th Place


2020 February 14-16th, U14 National Indoor Tournament

U14 AGH 1, Pool C, 1st place Champions, Undefeteaded 

U14 AGH 2,Pool K, 2nd place, Undefeated 

U14 AGH 3, Pool CC, 2nd place, Undefeteaded 


2020 Jan 12th The Training Center PA, National Qualifiers U19 

U16 AGH 1 qualified in U19 Division, 5th place out of 16 teams


2020 Jan 4th, Smith College 

U16 AGH Elite 3, 1st place, won the Qualifers (out of 16 teams)


2019 December 15th U19 Ursinus National Qualifers 

U19 AGH 1, 1st place, Won the Qualifer (out of 16 teams)

U19 AGH 2, 6th place, qualified for 2019 Nationals


2019 December 14th Ursinus U16 National Qualifers 

U16 AGH Elite 1, 1st Place, undefeated Champions (out of 16 teams)

U16 Elite 2, 7th Place, Qualified for 2019 Natioanals


2019 National Festival Thanksgiving  Florida Tampa

U14 AGH 1, 1st Place, undefeated Champions 

U16 AGH 1, 1st Place undefeated Champions

U16 AGH 2, 3rd place 


2019 National Club Championship Lancaster PA, top 16 team on the Nation

U14 AGH 2nd in the Nation Silver Medal

U16 AGH 3rd in the Nation Bronze Medal

U19 AGH 6th in the Nation (Pool Play undefetead)


U19 Regional Club Championship Greenwich CT June 15-16th

AGH undefeated in Pool, 2nd place out of 16th teams, ranked 2nd in New Englands 

AGH U19 undefeated in Pool 

AGH vs Cap Ann 1:0

AGH vs Allegiance 5:0

AGH vs North East Elite 2:0

AGH vs Patriot Field Hockey 6:0

AGH vs HTC 3:1

AGH vs North Elite 2:3


U14 Regional Club Championship Qulifers NH. June 1-2nd 2019

AGH U14 Champions Undefeatead, ranked 1st place club in New Englands 

AGH vs HTC 5:0 

AGH vs Allegiance 2:0

AGH vs Lead the Way 5:0

AGH vs North East Elite Gold 6:0 (crossovers)

AGH vs Seacost United 4:0 (Final Game)


U16 Regional Club Championship Qualifers NH. May 4-5th 2019 

U16 AGH Undeafeated in Pool, 3rd Place out of 16 teams

  • AGH vs True Grit 6: win
  • AGH vs Lead the way 3:0 win
  • AGH vs Coastel FHC 2:0
  • AGH vs Wizards 4:0
  • AGH vs Seacost 8:0
  • AGH vs NEE 2:2 regulations, lost in shootouts 


Princeton University Spring April 28-29th at Princeton 7vs 7

U12 AGH 1 Team Pool A Undefeated Champions

U12 AGH 2 Pool B Undefeated, 2nd place at goal differentials


U14 AGH 1 Pool A Undefeated Champions

U14 AGH 2 Pool B Undefeated Champions

U14 AGH 3 Pool C Undeafeted Champions


U16 AGH 1 Pool A  Undefetead Champions

U16 AGH 2 Pool B Undefetead Champions

U16 AGH 3 Pool C 2nd Place


U19 AGH 1, Pool A 2nd Place

U19 AGH 2, Pool B 2nd Place


Columbia University Spring Tournament April 7th 7vs 7

U16 AGH Pool A Undeafeated Champions, goal differentials 44:0

U19 AGH Pool A 2nd place in Pool, 3rd overall, goal differentials 27:3 


2019 Indoor Club Championship NH Shooting Star

U14 AGH Pool A/B Champions Undefeated

U16 AGH Pool A/B Champions Undefeated

U19 AGH Pool A/B Won the Pool Undefeated, finish 2nd overall out of 8 teams.


2019 National Indoor Tournament Spooky Nook, Lancaster PA, U16 Division, March 1-3

U16 Team AGH 1 Pool A, 2nd Place

U16 Team AGH 2, Pool K, 2nd Place

U16 Team AGH 3, Pool I, 6th Place

U16 Team AGH 4, Pool D, 5th Place


2019 National Indoor Tournament Richmond Virginia U19 Division Feb 22-25

U19 Team AGH 1 Pool A, 3rd Place

U19 Team AGH 2 Pool D, 3rd Place

U19 Team AGH 3 Pool N, 6th place


2019 Feb 16-19th U14 National Indoor Tournament Lancaster PA. Feb 15-18

U14 Elite 1, Won the pool undefeatead, Champions (44 goals scored in 5 games)

U14 Elite 2, Finished 2nd in pool, 4 wins and 1 loss (scored 18 goals in 5 games)


2019 January 26th Ursinus College U16 Qualifers

U16 Elite 1, Wont the Pool undefeated, won the qualifer (1st place over all)

U16 Elite 2 Won the Pool undefeteated, 2nd place over all played the final vs AGH 1


2019 January 13th Lock Heaven University U19 Qualifers

U19 Academy Black, 2nd in Pool, qualified 5th place


2019 January 12th Lock Heaven Univeristy U16 National Qualifers 

U16 Academy Black, Won the Pool Undefeated, qualified 4th place

U16 Academy Red, Won the Pool Undefeated, qualified 3rd place


2019 January 6th Smith College U19 National Qualifers 

U19 Elite 1  Won the Pool Undeafetead, won the Qualifier,1st place (qualifed)

U19 Elite 2  Won the Pool Undefetead, played the final vs AGH 1, 2nd place over all. (qualifed)


2018 Dec 22nd Wc Eagles

U14 Elite 1 Won the Pool Undeafetead, 2nd over all ( out of 8 teams)

U14 Elite 2 2nd in Pool, finished 3rd over all (out of 8 teams)

U16 Elite 1-2  Champions, finished undefeatead (out of 16 teams)

U19 Elite 1 finished 3rd in Pool

U19 Elite 2 finished 2nd in Pool

U19 Black finished 2nd in Pool.


2018 Dec 16th Spooky Nook Indoor

U16 Academy Green, Champions Undeafeated


2018 Dec 15th Wc Eagles Indoor

U12 Elite Won the Pool , Silver Medal over all

U14 Elite 1 Champions, Finished Undefeatead

U14 Elite 2 Won the Pool 

U15 AGH Elite 1 Finished 2nd in Pool

U16 Elite 2, Won the Pool, Silver Medal Over all



2018 National Hockey Festival  Fl. Tampa.

U14  Champions, Finished Undefeatead

U16 2nd Place, Silver Medal   


2018 National Club Championship (NCC's) Spooky Nook PA

U16 Finished 6th in the Nation

U14 Finished 12th in the Nation


2018 Shooting Star Regional Cup MA.

U16 Won Pool A Champions undeafeated 


2018 NE Regional Club Championship Qualifers

U19 Won Pool D undeafeated, finished 4th overall out of 16 North Eastern Clubs

U14 Won Pool A undeafeatead,Won the RCC qualifier  Ranked 1st in U14 in North East Region, will attend NCC's.

U16 Won Pool A undeafeated, Won the RCC qualifier, ranked 1st in North East Region Will Attend NCC's


2018 Princeton University Tournament NJ April 29th.

U16 Team AGH 1 2nd in Pool 

U16 team AGH 2 Champions

U16 Team AGH 3 2nd in Pool

U19 Team AGH 1 2nd In Pool


2018 Shooting Star Invitational Club Championship NH, MA.

8 Clubs including from Canada Ontario were fighting for the gold.

U14 Team AGH Champions 

U16 Team AGH Champions 

U19 Team AGH Champions


2018 U16 Lancaster PA Indoor Nationals 

U16 Team AGH 1 Silver medal

U16 Team AGH 2 Silver medal 

U14 in U16 Division 4th place 


2018 U19 Richmond  VA Indoor Nationals 

U19 Team AGH 1 Silver Medal Pool D

U19 Team AGH 2 3rd Place Pool S

U19 Team AGH 3 5th Place Pool C


2018 U12 Lancaster PA Indoor Nationals 

U12 Team AGH 1 5th Place Pool A


2018 Feb 17-19th Indoor Nationals

U14 Elite 1 3rd Place

U14 Elite 2 5th Place


2018 National Indoor Qualifers Multiple Locations MA, PA

U14 Elite 1 Qualified in U16 NITQ Div, Spooky Nook PA

U16 Elite 1 Qualified undefeated in Pool 2nd overall, Sienna College

U16 Elite 2 Qulified undefeated in Pool 3rd overall, Siena College

U19 Elite 2 Champions undefeated, 1st place over all, Smith College, MA

U19 Elite 1 Qualified undefeated in Pool, 2nd over all, Siena College

U19 Academy Black Qualified 7th over all, Siena College


2018 Feb 11th, Spooky Nook PA 

U16 Elite 2, 1st Place, Champions

U16 Academy Black, 1st Place, Champions

U16 Elite 2, 2nd in Pool     


2018  Feb 3rd HTC Trumbull CT

U10/12 AGH, Champions overall 


2018 Wc Eagles PA, Jan 28th 


U14 Elite 1 2nd in pool 3rd overall

U14 Elite 2 2nd in Pool 4th overall

U14 Academy Black 2nd in Pool 5th overall

U16 Elite 1 2nd in Pool 3rd overall

U16 Elite 2 2nd in pool 4th overall 

U19 Elite 1 3rd in Pool 

U19 Elite 2 2nd in Pool 4th overall


2018 Spooky Nook PA Jan 20th

U12 2nd in Pool and 3rd over all out of 14 teams 

U16 in U19 Div Champions Undefeated 

U19 Elite Champions Undefetead 


2018 Smith College MA Academy Teams

U12 AGH Champions undefeated 

U16 AGH Red Champions undefeted


2017 December 17th Spooky Nook, PA 

U14 Elite 2 Pool Champions Undefeated 

U19 Elite 1 Pool Champions Undefeated


2017 National Hockey Festival  Tampa Florida

U14 2nd in Pool

U16 2nd in Pool


2017 USA Summer Bash Series at Brown University RI

U12 Champions Undefeated 

U14 Champions Undefeated


2017 Limelights Showcase , Spooky Nook PA U19 Division

 U19 AGH Champions undefeated with a record of 7 wins over two days of Hockey


2017 Regional Club Championship NH Seacoast United 

U16 RCC 2nd in Pool, 5th-6th over all out of 15 teams in competition.

U14 RCC Champions of Pool, 5th over all with a record of 5 wins , 1 loss

U19 RCC 3rd in Pool with 2 wins and 1 loss, 9th over all with 4 wins and 1 loss 


2017  May 7th Connecticut Cup "Fairfield Univeristy"

U12 Team A Champions of Pool and 2nd overall (Undefeated) 

U12 team B Champions overall (Undefeated) 

U14 team B Champions Undefeated (0 goals let in for the entire tournament)


2017 April 30th AGH Spring Cup 6 different clubs and 29 teams total attended

U19 Team A Champions (undefeated)

U16 Team B Champions (undefeated)

U14  Team A Champions (undefeated) 

U14 Team B Pool Champions (2nd over all)

U19 Team B 2nd Place 

U16 Team A 2nd Place in Pool 

U12 Team A 2nd Place 


2017 APRIL 15TH Princeton University Tournament 7 vs 7 

U12 Team A Champions (undefeated)

U12 Team B 3rd Place

U14 Team A Champions (undefeated)

U14 Team B 3rd Place


2017 March 4-5th  USA National Indoor Tournament U14 Division

U14 Elite Runner Up, 3 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss , 43 goals scored


2017 February 25-26th U19 USA National Indoor Tournament 

U19 4th place with 3 ties, 1 win and 1 loss


2017 February 17-19th U16 USA National Indoor Tournament 

U16 Elite I Runner Up, in Pool with 4 wins and 1 loss

U14 Elite  playing up in U16 Div 3rd place 


2017 February 12th HTC 

U12 Academy Runner Up


2017 February 11th Spooky Nook Lancaster PA

U14 Elite I Pool Champions (undefeated)

U16 Elite I Pool Pool Champions (undefeated)

U16 Academy I Pool  Champions (undefeated)

U19 Elite I Pool Champions (undefeated)


2017 January 28th Boston Play Day  

U14 Elite  Champions finished undefeated 

U16 Elite  Champions finished undefeated

U19 Elite Champions finished undefeated

2017 January 14-15th Siena College USA National Indoor Qualifiers 

U16 Elite I, Pool Champions , Runner Up overall (out of 16 teams) Qualified

U16 Elite II Pool Champions , 6th overall (out of 16 teams) Qualified 

U19 Elite I, Pool Champions  Runner Up overall (out of 16 teams) Qualified


2017 January 7-8th WC Eagles Tournaments

U12 Pool Champions, Runner Up over All

U14 Elite I, Champions Gold Medal (finished undefeated)

U16 Elite I, Champions Gold Medal (finished undefeated)

U14 Academy 2nd in Pool 

2016 December 17th WC Eagles Tournaments

U16 Qualified for 2017 US National Indoor Tournament Qualifiers

U14 Elite I, Pool A Champions ,Runner Up, overall

U16 I Pool Champions , Runner Up, overall

U16 II, Pool Champions and playoffs, undefeated

U19 3rd Place